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Important Points

  • – Filing of trademark in one day.
  • – Completely online – No physical presence required.
  • – Protect your brand, logo anywhere in India.

What is a Trademark?

A Trademark is something which denotes your brand, your company.It is a unique mark or a word which ultimately becomes the identity of your company. E.g. PAYTM, Coke, Pepsi, Reliance, there are all examples of the famous brands.

How to register Trademark in India?

Trademark registration in India is a long process and almost takes 8 to 10 months to get registered. However, you can use TM after trademark filing.which is filed in a day by us. Here are three basic steps:

# Search the trademark: The first step is to search the trademark as per the appropriate checks in a particular class. There are 45 classes and each reflect some different business. Therefore, searching the trademark availability in a particular class is the first step.
# Prepare application & File: Once trademark is checked properly, the next step is to prepare the trademark application and then file the same to the department. Once filed, you can use the TM on your logo, brand or word.
# Proper follow up: After trademark filing, you should keep a proper follow check on the trademark so that your trademark does not become abundant.

Only three documents are required

  • TM Requisition Form
  • Power of Attorney
  • Declaration for Use of TM

Trademark Registration Process India

Private Limited Company registration process is very simple with us. The whole procedure is completely online and one need not visit our office physically to get the Company registration.

# Step 1 - Arrange all required documents:The first step is to arrange all the documents and send the same over the email to us. We will check it and if everything is fine, you will required to pay 50% advance.
# Step 2 – DSC, DIN and Name Approval:After receiving the required documents and 50% advance, we shall start your work. We will get the DIN, DSC and the name approval.
# Step 3 – File for incorporation: Once your name is approved, you will be required to pay the rest of the amount and then we will be file your companies incorporation. Once approval is granted, the incorporation work stands complete.

Time & Cost for Trademark Registration

Items Price
Government Fee (Individuals) 5,000
Affidavit Cost & Stamp Duty 100
TM Attorney Fee 1000
Professional Fee (Inclusive of Taxes) 999
Total Trademark Registration Cost for Individual 6,999

Total Cost Breakup for Company

Items Price
Government Fee (Companies) 10,000
Affidavit Cost 100
TM Attorney Fee 1000
Professional Fee (Inclusive of Taxes) 899
Total Trademark Registration Cost for Company 12,000

How to search Trademark availability before Filing?

Trademark search is the most important task because if you don’t search it before using or applying then you may have to face legal battles only to lose. Hence, it is very important that you search the trademark before applying. To search the trademark, you must visit Trademark Search, After visiting the website you must write your trademark and select the appropriate class and click on search. Further, you must allow the following checks:

  • 3 Way Check: Before concluding your search you must search do 3 way search. The trademark should be checked by enabling these three checks – “Start with”, “Contains” and “Match with”.
  • Phonetic Search: After doing the first check, you should now proceed to another check by which you shall check resembling trademark phonetically. i.e. any trademark which is similar in pronunciation.
  • Famous Marks: There are some famous marks which may or may not be registered and hence you should check the list issued by the trademark department. This point should not be ignored because in case you trademark is matching with any famous mark or phrase, then you will not get the trademark and your application shall be rejected. E.g. #achhe din, Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas! etc.

How to check Trademark Status online?

If you have filed trademark, then it is very important that you should keep tracking your filed trademark application and you can it very easily. Just follow simple steps:

  • Visit IP India
  • Click on Trademark mark indexes.
  • Then select pending marks in “index types”.
  • Write your trademark in search column and select the relevant class.
  • Fill the captcha code.
  • Click on search and your trademark will be on screen.

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